Committed to Help Protect Our Environment

When producing plastic packaging the environment needs to be considered more than ever.

Our industry has taken several initiatives on improving the impact that packaging has on the environment and Bell Packaging have gone further still to reduce waste in production and increase recycling after use.

As part of our wastepack registration, all packaging we produce can include the relevant recyclable logo type.

We are also continually investigating new materials to meet tomorrows environmental demands.

New Retran and Biodegradeable End Caps

Bell Packaging are now able to offer their exclusive Jetran® range of retail packaging products in a brand new material containing Post Consumer Plastic Waste.

With the use of landfill as the traditional method of disposing of packaging and fully aware of the negative press unfairly labelled at plastic products, Bell Packaging have worked hard to develop this exclusive material to enable us to produce Retran® products.

As part of Bell Packaging's continuing commitment to the environment and in conjunction with our new plastic tube product Retran® which contains post consumer plastic waste, we are pleased to advise we are now able to supply biodegradable plastic injection moulded end caps.

In the correct conditions the plastic end caps will biodegrade and become some of the soils organic components within a period of 1-5 years which compares favourably to a traditional plastic carrier bag which takes between 20-80 years.

Read more about Retran®

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Policy on the Environment

Our commitment is to strive continuously to minimise adverse effects on the environment without compromising the quality and high standards that we achieve and which customers associate with this company.


Bell Packaging are now registered with SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange under Registration Number S162114878333 - This registration allows us to share ethical data with our global supply chain and enable continual improvement in our ethical performance.

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When producing plastic packaging the environment needs to...
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