Intellectual Property

Our products are protected by patents, trade marks, design registrations, unregistered design rights and copyright.

The latest details of our registered IP portfolio are shown below. Details of pending or registered protection for our latest innovations will be added as we continue to extend our product range.

Registered Community Designs

  • 001082739 - 0001
  • 001082739 - 0002
  • 001082739 - 0003
  • 001082739 - 0004
  • 001082739 - 0005

United Kingdom patents

  • GB2235914
  • GB2307466
  • GB2355000

Trade Marks

JETRAN, JETLOK, PETRAN and RETRAN are trademarks. We have protection in the United Kingdom, European Community and India.

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We know how important it is to present concepts that are both...
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When producing plastic packaging the environment needs to...
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