Case Studies

The Pilot Pen Co. (UK) Limited, Parallel Pen Promotional Gift Pack

Brief: The brief given to Bell Packaging was to design, develop and manufacture a stylish and cost effective promotional pack to hold three Parallel Pens plus a carton of 12 assorted coloured Cartridges and one additional Nib.

Conclusion: Having chosen the Jetran® Box solution which gives excellent clarity of product and also strength of the finished pack, Bell Packaging further developed this concept by creating a Die Cut & Creased transparent Insert to locate and secure the products inside the Jetran® Box thus reducing movement and ensuring the products are presented correctly at point of sale.

An additional component to the pack was an Insert Card which was printed on both sides and located behind the Die Cut & Creased Insert which provides product information to the consumer.

The final component to be added was a standard Spaghetti Loop which located into the top of the pack to allow the product to hang at point of sale.

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