Products - Standard End Caps and Exotic Shapes

Designed and developed to work in conjunction with Jetran® tubing we can offer a range of standard end caps in regular shapes such as Circular, Square and Rectangular but also more exotic shapes such as Hexagonal, Oval and Triangular.

We have also developed systems that automatically lock to the side wall of the tube including the patented Jetlok® cap which removes the need for any additional fixing and offers a package that can be opened and resealed.

Generally caps are moulded in LDPE and HDPE and are available in a range of standard colours or can be colour-matched to suit your specific requirements.

All end caps can be made to hang with the addition of a Hook or Spaghetti Loop.

Biodegradable Plastic End Caps

As part of Bell Packaging's continuing commitment to the environment and in conjunction with our new plastic tube product Retran® which contains post consumer plastic waste, we are pleased to advise we are now able to supply biodegradable plastic injection moulded end caps. Read more about Retran®...

These new caps can be supplied from existing tooling without any noticeable change to appearance or colour.

The only condition required for these end caps to biodegrade is the need for constant contact with other biodegrading materials which are commonly found in home composting, commercial composting, landfill and any areas where the end caps will be buried or in contact with soil.

Whilst in these conditions the plastic end caps will biodegrade and become some of the soils organic components within a period of 1-5 years which compares favourably to a traditional plastic carrier bag which takes between 20-80 years.

Please contact our sales office on 01582 459 292 for more information, and see our recycled plastic tube product, Retran®

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Injection moulded end caps available in over 300 shapes and sizes, numerous colours and hanging facilities available.

Plastic packaging that biodegrades in 1-5 years, whereas a traditional carrier bag takes 20-80.